Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I ______ Wednesdays, Vol. 8

I'm baaaack! 

The Dominican was AWESOME.  I hope to share some of the highlights with you over the next few days.

As great as vacation was, I am always happy to come home! 

What I Will Not Miss About the Dominican Wednesday

1. The language barrierOur lack of espanol vocabulary almost led to our arrest for trespassing!  Thank god for Linsey's paquito spanish skills.

2. The lack of water pressure and hot water.

3. The absence of my Lola.  I missed her!

4. Not eating produce for fear of Montezuma's revengeThe grocery store had beautiful produce...Avocado's the size of cantelopes and carrots the size of my arm, but I was too scared to buy any!  I especially missed my greens.

5. My neglect of exercise.  There was a gym, but it didn't open until after 8:00 AM and had no treadmills. :( I'll share more about this later.

6. The harassment by natives to purchase various tchotchkes.

This post sounds so negative, but I promise I enjoyed my trip.  My next few posts will focus on the positives! :) 

I'm off to catch up on all my fav blogs!

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