Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I ___________ Wednesdays, Vol. 13

With all the chaos of Thanksgiving, I didn't make a What I blank Wednesday series post last week.  But it's back with volume 13....

What I Have On My To Do List Wednesday

1. Finalize my playlist for Saturday's half marathon. I'm about 45 minutes short.  Song suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

To all you full marathoners out there running Saturday!

2. Finalize my "outfit" for Saturday's half marathon, and make sure all pieces are clean.  It looks like it will be warmer than I hoped.:(  I'm thinking capris and short sleeves or even a tank.

3. Finalize travel plans for Saturday's half marathon.  I have gone back and forth between driving in Friday night or early Saturday morning.  As of now, we are going Friday night.  Being the detail oriented person that I am, I need to plan what time we are leaving Friday, if I will pick up my race packet Friday night or Saturday morning, what time I will wake up Saturday, what I will eat for breakfast, what time I will head to the race, etc.

4. Bake cookies for my handyman.  And hopefully, not eat most of the dough.  I'm way late on payment.  Hopefully, he won't send me to the cookie creditors.  (<---I'm so cheesy, but I couldn't help it!) my own mind.

5. Bake cookies and scrounge up a white elephant gift for a Christmas party Saturday night.  This Christmas party is epic.  I look forward to it every year!  It's always themed and this year Santa is too tired for Christmas and taking the night off...aka a pajama party!  (Perfect theme for a girl running a half marathon that morning.) :)  Also, there is always a signature drink to match the theme.  Santa is having a night cap in the form of hot toddies...aka my favorite!  To top things off, my bestie is driving in from Houston to be my date.  I haven't seen him in months and cannot wait to hang out.

6. Finish decorating for Christmas.  I need to buy fabric to make a tree skirt and tablecloth, collect magnolia leaves to make my wreath, and find greenery to finish my tablescape and shelves.

7. Buy/craft Christmas presents. I love to wrap gifts.  This year, I even considered starting a gift wrapping business because I love it so much.  Having beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree just adds so much spirit to the house.  But I have zero.  I haven't purchased the first Christmas gift.  Oy vey!  Most of my gifts will be crafted, and the supplies are sitting in my sewing room.  I just need to get busy! 

8. Squeeze in a 4 mile run today, and a 2 mile run tomorrow.  My very last runs before the half marathon.  Yikes!

9.  Cook.  I finally finished off the last of the Thanksgiving turkey in my salad last night.  Now I have to actually spend time preparing a meal.  Boo. :(