Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I _______(blank) Wednesdays, Vol. 1

Lots of bloggers use Wednesdays as a day to list a series of bloggers with "What I Ate Wednesdays", fashion bloggers with "What I Wore Wednesdays", fitness bloggers with "What I Worked Out Wednesdays", other bloggers with "What I Love, Want, Wish, Made, etc. Wednesdays". 

I am starting the series "What I Whatever I Want Wednesdays" or "What I _______(blank) Wednesdays." Really, this is just an excuse for me to make one of my beloved lists every Wednesday.

My inaugural post of the series: "What I Want (Fitness Edition) Wednesday"

1. A home pull up bar to help me reach my goal of an unassited pull up.
                                              Iron Gym Extreme - As Seen on TV!

2. A Garmin GPS watch.  I have a heart rate monitor, which is a great training tool, but the GPS on this watch would help me keep a steady pace and accurately track my distances.

3. The BFE Tank from Under Armour in every color!  I love workout tops that fit loosely and these would help me beat this summer heat.


4.  A new blender for protein shakes.  My pitcher recently broke. :(

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blenders with Polycarbonate Jars
This KitchenAid blender recieved great reviews on

5. This adorable running skirt from Nike.
                                          Nike Women's Unlined Woven Running Skirt - Dick's Sporting Goods
6. The TrailHeads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Headband.  I'll need this for my December half marathon over the bay. It's likely to be chilly! And this functional ear warmer/headband comes in lots of cute colors.

                                                 Goodbye Girl Ponytail Headband black / black picture

7. The Camelbak Groove Water Filter Bottle.  Especially since it comes in Seafoam Green!

                                               Camelbak Groove Bottle with Filter: 21oz; Seafoam 53286

My birthday is December 19th, but I accept gifts year round. 

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  1. Blender is really important to have delicious shakes and smoothies.