Saturday, December 24, 2011

Virtual 10k-ish

Remember how I registered for a virtual 10k?

Well, today was the day I ran it.

I mapped out my route on USTAF's website.  It's not super accurate since I run on the sidewalks.  Too bad I don't have a garmin.  I'm still hoping Santa brings me one tonight.

I made sure it was a little over 6.2 miles, because I'd rather run too far than too short.

I was a teensy bit festive with my green shirt and I made a red bow out of ribbon.

Someone wanted to come, but since she has already logged about 10 miles this week, I was worried about her over training.


Since my glutes are still SUPER sore and my calves are tight from this WOD (I finished 7 rounds + 5+7+7 and 5 rounds + 77 single unders...for the second AMRAP I used 25# dumbbells and did 90 single unders per round.), I didn't expect to set a PR.  Plus, my route was definitely over 6.2.  I think it was closer to 6.5.

I finished in 1:04:40.  Mentally, it was a tough run, but I'm so glad I did it!

Sweaty, blurry post run pic to prove I ran...And show everyone that I need botox and a tan.

Thanks Ashley, Robin, & Stephanie for hosting the event and keeping me motivated to stay active during the holidays.

I'm off to shower, stop at Sam's to pick up croissants (crazy, I know, but they were out yesterday and these croissants are worth fighting crowds of last minute shoppers for), and head to mom & dad's.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Did you participate in the virtual 10K?  If not, did you fit in some exercise this morning?