Monday, January 9, 2012

Bad News First

Bad news: It's raining, I'm wearing suede shoes, and I had to run errands during lunch.
Good news: This rain totally suits my mood.

Bad news: My flat tire is not fixable.
Good news: I get an "exhange rate" on a new tire, which means since my tires are so new, it will only cost me around $20.

Bad news: The reason it went flat is because the valve was bad.
Good news: They ordered me a new one and will put it on when my new tire comes in.  Although it will cost me somewhere in the ball park of $80, I'm glad they figured out the problem so I don't ruin another tire.  (BTW, if you need new tires anytime soon, I highly recommend Sam's.  They are a good price and the staff is always so nice and helpful!)

Bad news: Since it's raining, I can't go for my scheduled run this afternoon.
Good news: All I feel like doing is curling up on the couch and watching the BCS game anyway.

Bad news: I'm craving carbs today.  In a very big way.
Good news: I have very little processed carbs in the house and it's raining so there is no way I will go out in search of satisfying this craving.

Can you see my attempt at positivity?

What are you positive about this Monday?
I'm positive the Tigers will be the new national champions!