Saturday, January 7, 2012


Once a month, the coaches at my CrossFit box create a super hard workout and call it "Painstorm". 

Yesterday was January's Painstorm.

It went like this.

warm up:
run 800 m
10 1-armed kettle bell swings (each side)
10 1-armed kettle bell cleans (each side)
3 rounds of 1 power clean-1 front squat-1 push press-1 back squat-1 push press
10 push ups
10 burpees

400 m run

5 rounds of "Bear Complex":
power clean-front squat-push press-back squat-push press x7, going up in weight each round

400 m run

1 armed kettle bell swings (each arm)
1 armed sumo deadlift high pulls (each arm)

To further explain, after running 400 m, you do 7 reps of the power clean-front squat-push press-back squat-push press progression.  The goal is not to put the barbell down during those 7 reps.  Then, add weight and start round 2.  Until you reach 5 rounds.  Run another 400 m.  Then, 21 KBS with your right arm, 21 KBS with your left arm.  21 SDLHP with right, 21 SDLHP with left.  15 KBS right, 15 KBS left, 15 SDLHP right, 15 SDLHP left.  9 KBS right, 9 KBS left, 9 SDLHP right, 9 SDLHP left.

Oh, and for every time you put down the bar during a "bear complex" round, you have to complete 5 burpees after the WOD is over.

Holy painstorm, this workout was tough!  The "bear complex" portion was BRUTAL!  I worked from 25# to 65#.  I was in complete failure by the last push press of my last rep of my last round.  I had to drop the bar.  While this progression of lifts was a full body workout, my upper body was my limitation.  I used a 25# kettle bell for the last portion of the workout.  My finish time was 34:25.

I acquired a 10 burpee punishment for putting the barbell down twice during my last round.

It still amazes me how a workout consisting of mostly weight liftting can get my heart rate so high.  It was above 160 the whole workout, and I saw some 170's too. 

My reward for finishing such a challenging workout was consuming more calories in beer than I worked off during the workout. :(  But it was draught so it was worth it.

My shoulders are already so sore, and the only position I am comfortable in is my arms straight over my head.  I'm trying to super hydrate, load up on vitamin C, and taking ibuprofen (which is killing two birds with one stone by helping my hangover headache).

Hopefully I feel good enough for a run later.

I'm off to foam roll, Happy Saturday!

What is the hardest workout you have ever done?