Friday, January 6, 2012

Tag, Your It!

Liz over at Southern Charm shared 7 random facts about herself and tagged me to do the same.

So here goes nothing.

1.  I lived in the big city of Houston, TX for 2 years post undergrad.  It had its perks, but  I moved back to southwest Louisiana the first chance I had.  I learned the big city is not for me!

2. My favorite holiday is Easter.  It's much less stressful than Christmas, it's usually warm, and it's the first chance in the year to dust off my sundresses.  Plus, my family is pretty serious about egg paquing.  And I love deviled eggs.

3. I prefer eating at home to eating at a restaurant.  Generally, home cooked food tastes better and is much cheaper. (and can be healthier!)

4. When I was younger (middle school & high school), I begged my dad to let me have a lab.  He would never let me get one because he said they needed a lot of attention, we didn't live on the water, and he doesn't really duck hunt a lot.  15 years later, I met and took home Lola.  She was an accident, but that only makes me think it was fate!

our first day together

5. I'm a completely different person on vacation.  Well, not completely different, but I throw the sheets to the wind and lose all my worries.  I call my alter ego "Out of Town Rebecca".  I think my friends like her better than regular Rebecca.  I can't blame them, she is a pretty good time!  (see examples below)

6.  My hair has never been colored.  I take that back, once in undergrad I attempted to use a temporary color to dye it a rich brown, but nothing happened. 

7.  I hate dating.  It's awkard and uncomfortable and I'm awful at it.  

Thanks for including me in the blog love, Liz!  You're adorable and I love following all your adventures in the Crescent City.

Tell me a random fact about yourself!