Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cheater, Cheater, Pumkin Eater

More like beer drinker than pumpkin eater. 

I had my first Paleo cheat Friday night in the form of beer.  4 beers to be exact. -20 points.

Let me explain.  A friend wanted me to go with him to see his dad's band play at Linda's Lounge.  Linda's Lounge is not the kind of place where you walk in and order a glass of cab or a skinny margarita (both of which are Paleo legal in moderation).  Linda's Lounge is the kind of place you order a beer. I was already out of place enough and getting stares from the regulars, so instead of rocking the boat, I drank a cold, delicious, hoppy, refreshing Bud Light.  My long lost love.

All was well while there.  The beer made me full and burppy, but I felt fine jamming out to the harmonica and bluesy sound of the band.   4 beers consumed over about 3 hours...I was having fun, but not tipsy in the slightest.

My friend dropped me off at home a little before 12:30 and I was in bed before 1:00.  At about 4:00 AM, I was woken by a wave of nausea.  I fought the battle for a while, then finally gave in to vomiting.  Not to be too graphic, but it was pure hops and wheat coming up. :( 

Paleo turned beer against me!  It's the only explanation I have for getting sick. (That or my friend poisined me, which he denies.)  I never barf.  The last time was 2 years ago, when I had a horrible virus. 

***Sigh.  I guess I won't be cheating anymore since it makes me ill.


If you were to have a cheat eat, what would it be?


  1. okay so a couple years ago, 2 of my best friends and i got sick from OYSTER poisoning. it was the worssssst. we were in bed for no joke, 4 days. we each lost around 7 pounds and joked that it was the best diet we ever had. haha, so bad!

    1. I once, many years ago, tried to catch mono as a weight loss technique. I must have a pretty good immune system, because it didn't work out.