Monday, February 27, 2012

Zeus Cafe

Since starting the Paleo Challenge, this was my first venture eating at a restaurant.  I knew greek was a great choice because they would have tons of meat and veggie options covered in healthy olive oil fats.

When I suggested Zeus to my mom, grandma, and aunt, they skeptically agreed because none had ever eaten greek food.  They were all believers by the time we left.

The restaurant was clean and a lot brighter than their dim Lafayette counterpart.  Beautiful blue seas of the Mediterranean and blue roof tops of Santorini adorned the walls.  There was a full bar, and I'd be interested to know if they have happy hour specials.

The menu is huge and it took everyone a while to decide.  (Let it be known that a special lent menu has been added, and it is quite extensive.  There were lots of crawfish options that all sounded delicious.)

I decided on the chicken shwarma/gyro combo feta salad, no feta. 

The gyro was salty and tasty, while the chicken was seasoned with traditional greek seasonings and full of flavor.  It's hard to say which I preferred.  The portions were ridiculous!  I ate all my greens and as much meat as I could stuff down, and still had a plate full.  I took a doggie bag home, and created my own salad with the leftovers for dinner.

No one at the table even put a dent in their plates.  A to go box filled to the brim with hummus, pita, pita crawfish pizza, and some sort of sandwich was sent home to my dad.  I forgot to ask him how he liked it.  He is quite the foodie and has a very discerning palate.

My only complaint was the service.  While not horrible, it definitely was not good.  We didn't arrive until 1:30 PM, after the lunch crowd.  After expressing to our waitress that 3/4 of the table were new to greek cuisine, she was in no way helpful in choosing a dish to order.  On top of that, she disappeared when we were ready to order.  (I was starving by this point and almost ate a piece of pita!)  She had the personality of a piece of pita bread.

Prices were also a little steep, but since it was the weekend, we were unable to order from the lunch menu.  Also, like I stated above, the portions were huge and my dish provided me two meals.

I definitely think it deserves more that 53% likes in Urban Spoon.

Zeus Greek/Lebanese on Urbanspoon

Do you like greek food?  If you could travel anywhere in the world to try the cuisine, where would it be?
Definitely Greece or Italy.  Maybe both on the same trip?!? 


  1. That's so frustrating about the service :(

    I LOVE greek food! When I dabbled in paleo and now on Tone It Up, greek food has everything I need and more! Meat and veggies .. yes, please! Plus, I LOVE lamb!

    1. I love lamb, too! I just discovered they sell it at Sam's, and I'd love to try cooking it myself.

  2. I love Greek food! I would travel back to India- i loved the food there! :)

    1. I've never tried Indian food, but I'll have to put it on my list.

  3. awesome I put-off buying this for months, despite positive reviews.