Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

I mentioned incorporating speed runs into my weekly schedule, so I can be a jaguar rather than a sloth.  But I hate them.

Here are some excuses I've used to avoid my scheduled speed runs:

- It's too windy.

-It's drizzling.

- It's too pretty out for a short run.  I'd rather spend more time outdoors on a leisurely jog.

- It's too late at night and I will be all hyped up and never get to sleep.  Plus, I'd rather go to the movies.

-It's too early and I would benefit more from an extra hour of sleep.

- Speed work is too hard with Lola, and I just can't leave her pitiful face at home, so I'll just go for a longer moderate run.

Sloth it is, then.

Do you ever make excuses?  How do you motivate yourself to do exercise you don't enjoy, but know is good for you?


  1. Hi there! Yup, I make excuses for myself all the time! I live in the mountains, so I had big plans to go cross country skiing yesterday and decided against it because it was snowing...but I typically love cross country skiing while it's snowing so this was a pretty disingenuous excuse on my part :)

    1. Isn't it funny how we can talk ourselves out of something we enjoy?!

  2. I am the QUEEN of excuses when it comes to running outside!!! I cannot bear the "elements!" I find that bribing myself with watching trashy reality TV when I am on the treadmill is perfect motivation for me to get my butt to the gym!

    1. You are killing 2 birds with one stone, running and catching up on essential programming. Sounds very efficient! Haha.