Friday, February 3, 2012

The Friday Five

I'm stealing one out of Christina of at Hungry Meets Healthy's book today....

1. What I'm Reading: A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

Boring and I'm having a really hard time finishing!  It was recommended by a friend after I proclaimed my lack of love for Hemingway.  He insisted this would change my mind about the legendary author. So far, it hasn't.

I'm one of those people who forces myself to finish a book even if I hate it.  Hopefully, I can buckle down and finish the book this weekend because another friend loaned me a book about the history of moonshining in the US (did you know the first moonshiners were Pennsylvania dutch?!?) and we all know I love my whiskey!

2. What I'm Listening To: Brett Dennen radio on Pandora.  Everyday, all day at work.

Really, all my pandora stations end up being exactly the same by the time I "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" all my preferences. My stations are chocked full of Brett Dennen, Ryan Adams, Van Morrison, Old Crow Medicine Show, the Black Keys, KOL, old Radiohead, Avett Brothers, and David Gray.

3. What I'm Watching: Top Chef Texas.  Now that Grayson is gone, I'm 100% backing Ed.  (I really loved Ty, or mustache as my sister and I called him, but he is long gone.)

Ed and Mustache

4. What I'm Eating: Homemade almond and sunflower butter with fruit, lots of salads with rotisserie chicken or deer taco meat, and smoothies with frozen strawberries (Why have I never bought frozen fruit before?  I bought a massive bag at Sam's for very cheap and much better flavor than the fresh strawberries right now.), protien powder, spinach, and my beloved coconut almond milk.

5. What I'm Pinning: Pintrest has been pushed to the back burner lately, because I've been pretty busy, but I did start a "Paleo" board for recipes, tips, and tricks.  February 13, I'm starting a Paleo challenge at my CrossFit box.  You can read a little about it here.

The good news: I can have red wine & tequila! :) 
The bad news: bye, bye greek yogurt. :(

Some delicous looking recipes I've pinned: (Most of what I've been pinning is sweets and baked goods.  These are the things I'll miss while paleo, so I'm trying to find substitutes!)

Pecan Butternut Crunch

Paleo Banana Cream Pie
How to Make Coconut Flour at Homethumbnail
Paleo bread - A lot of specialty ingredients, so I doubt I'll ever make this!

Tell me! What are you reading, listening to, watching, eating, and pinning?  And what are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I've been eating a lot of pizza .. a little too much!! haha. I HAVE to find a healthier crust ... I'm thinking pinterest for that?!

    1. I tried a cauliflower crust I found on pintrest and had NO success, but I modified and left out the cheese.

  2. I have never liked Hemingway and have been flirting with the idea of reading A Moveable Feast. I just cannot make myself pick up the book. I think I am going to revisit F. Scott Fitzgerald next.

    Your smoothie ingredients look yummy! I need to pick up some frozen fruit! I have been eating sweet potatoes ALL the time lately. I cannot get enough. I think the cold weather has made them taste extra delicious.

    Re: Top Chef Texas, why was Tom Colicchio so dang mean to Grayson? It made ME want to cry. Also, what they heck does Tom have against chicken salad?

    1. Don't do it! A Moveable Feast should be called "A Snoozable Feast"! I could see where a literary buff would enjoy it because it's all about Hemingway's encounters with other writers and artist in Paris at that time, but so far, none of these encounters have been exciting.

      I can't relate to your cold weather sweet potato craving because it has been 70 and humid here for the past 2 weeks.

      Go Grayson for standign up for herself, saying that chicken salad was just as legit as a meatball! I think Tom had it out for her. After judges table this week, I didn't expect it to be her!

  3. I like Ed too but not as much as I like Paul :) Love Top Chef. I've never heard of coconut almond milk, thanks for sharing that - I'll be on the lookout for it next time I'm at the grocery store!

    1. I'm loving that y'all love Top Chef too! And let me know what you think of the coconut almond milk.

  4. ha, thanks for the book review! After giving a book a good chance if I'm still bored about 1/4 of the way in, I just stop reading it!

    1. I finally finished and wished I had stopped 1/4 of the way waste of time!