Thursday, February 2, 2012

Paparazzi, Please!

I'm sorta obsessed with being a socialite.  My goal is to be featured in the "Society Spice" section of Jambalaya, a local magazine. (Actually, I mentioned it here.) I equate it to Lake Charles' page six.

My picture was taken for it once; the reported snapped a photo of me and a friend while at a baseball game, then took our names.  We obviously did not make the cut, because the picture never surfaced. :(  Often, I go to specific events in the community because I think they are "Society Spice" worthy.  No luck thus far.

That's okay, Jambalaya, even though you don't want to paparazzi me, someone else does! New Orleans Wine & Food Experience posted a picture of me and some friends on their facebook page.

They must have been fooled by our hats and thought we were part of the royal family. 

My picture was also featured in Southern Living once (February 2004 issue).    
I stole this from their website.  Awful! I know.  Plus, it was 8 years ago!

 I guess that is bigger than the Jambalaya.

 Have you ever had your picture taken for a magazine?

BTW, if you ever have a chance to head down to New Orleans for the Wine and Food Experience, you should go!  I've participated in the Royal Street Stroll for the past 2 years and enjoyed every bit of it.  If you like wine, food, antiques, art, and crazy, friendly people, you will love it.  And I'm not just saying it because they put me on their facebook. ;).


  1. YOU WERE IN SOUTHERN LIVING?!?! I would die to be in that magazine. It is my favorite! I am seriously SO impressed! I have not been in any magazines. When I was 5 I was on the front page of our local newspaper because I brought a catalogue to show Santa EXACTLY what I wanted.

    1. Haha! We are 2 peas in a pod! I used to circle everything I wanted for Christmas in the catalogues. This year, I just made a pintrest board Christmas list and e-mail the link to my mom.