Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Balance. Sort Of?

Good morning!  I hope y'all had a great Easter weekend.  I intended to make a Happy Easter post, but slacked on that.  Sorry.

Since Friday, I feel like all I've done is eat sugar.  But, I have had some pretty good workouts, too.  Balance, right?!?

Friday was a holiday at work, so I was able to make it to the 9:30 AM CrossFit class.  Our coach had us a special Easter workout full of hopping.  It looked like this:

10 frog jumps
20 jumping lunges (knees have to touch the ground)
30 burpee box jumps
40 jumping pull ups
50 double unders (or 200 single unders)

then, run 400 m

50 double unders (or 200 singles)
40 jumping pull ups
30 burpee box jumps
20 jumping lunges
10 frog jumps

The burpees were awful.  My calves are still sore from all the hopping 4 days later!

I returned home, showered, and ate a lunch of shrimp etoufee and fried fish at my parents' house for lunch.  Then, mom and I went to see Hunger Games.  It was good and kept me interested for the whole 2 1/2 hours (which is hard to do).  I was only really frustrated with one book to movie difference: they changed how Katniss received the Mockingjay pin, which becomes significant in the second book.  I'm Team Gale, BTW.

My night ended after a couple of beers at MacFarlane's.  I chose Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, again.  Yum.

Saturday was an active recovery day, so I took Lola for a 3 mile walk while listening to This American Life podcast.  Most of the rest of the day was spent in the kitchen.  I made hummus, sangria, and a strawberry ice box cake.  I skipped lunch in lieu of snacking on everything I was whipping up. (Literally, I whipped some coconut milk to make whipped cream for my cake.)

After showering, I drove back to my parents house, where the Easter bunny made an early visit.  My basket was full of candy, caramel and chocolate covered apples, and a pair of running shorts.  I was starving by 5:00, but we were having guests at 6:30 so I had to wait to eat.  I broke into the candy and munched and munched and munched.  They finally arrived and we had ham sandwiches on those divine croissants from Sam's and red velvet cupcakes for dessert.

We attended the Easter Vigil at 8:00 and didn't get out of church until after 10:00.

I woke up early Sunday to get in a 5 mile run.  It has been a while since I've covered that distance, and I've got a hilly 10k this upcoming weekend.  It was hot and tough, but I pushed through.  When I returned from my run, I made a ganache topping for my cake.  My breakfast consisted of strawberries dipped in the leftover ganache.

For the 3rd day in a row, I drove across the bridge to my parents' house.  My entire extended family on my mom's side came into town.  I started in on the sangria as soon as possible.

We paqued eggs, ate, and the kids swam. Lunch consisted of brisket (my favorite!), turkey cooked in the infrared oven, rice dressing, baked beans, croissants, salad, pasta salad, and of course deviled eggs.  Desserts included red velvet cupcakes, coconut-pineapple cupcakes, cheesecake, strawberry ice box cake, key lime pie, sweet potato pie, and buttermilk pie.

I ate leftovers and candy for dinner.  And I had a tummy ache.

On Monday, I was so full that all I had was coffee until 8:30 last night.  I went to CrossFit at 5:30, where we did 1 rep max thrusters x10; my max was 85#.  After playing with Lola a while and showering, I plopped down on the couch for a leftover brisket sandwich on a croissant followed by lots of candy while watching Bethenny Ever After.

Part of me thinks I should just power through and finish off all this candy so it is gone and not tempting me anymore.

What do you think?  Be a glutton and eat all my candy now, or save it and eat a little at a time?

I think I'm going to try to get some veggies in my body today.  It's been a while.

PS. I'm an awful blogger because I never take pictures.


  1. either way, sounds like a fun time with lots of great food!

  2. Sangria is definitely my style :)