Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I _____ Wednesday, Vol. 22

Because I am still focusing on being positive after what I have dubbed GrumpFest 2012, today is:

What I Am Looking Forward To Wednesday

1. A Saturday that is jam packed with fun things to much so, that I'm having trouble fitting them all in.
  • Seeing one of my besties from out of town and meeting her new beau. 
    I'm in the middle...she is on the right.  Her pouffy head dress is her birthday hat made by Grace, on the left.
  • Eating crawfish in the company of some of my favorite people in the enitre world.
  • Partying poolside with my sister and her crazy co-workers.
  • Lounging in the grass while listening to local bands and supporting a good cause.  (If you are in the lake area, you should check it out!)
2. My godson's christening on Sunday.  I'm not so excited about standing in front of a congregation of strangers, but I am thrilled to be a part of such an important day in Patrick's life.  Plus, I haven't seen him in almost two weeks and miss his sweet cheeks!
This is me and Patrick on the day he was born!

3. Tackling this WOD this afternoon.  Last time I attempted "Morrison", last July, I timed out at 30 minutes after completing 50-40-30. I also stepped up instead of box jumped and used a 20# kettlebell.  Today, I'm going to attempt box jumps and at least a 25# kb. 

4. Catching a ton of white perch next weekend! My family has a camp on Toledo Bend and prime fishing time for perch is late March through late April.  Dad has gone the past couple of weekends and caught fish like crazy!  I've been too busy to make my way up there, but next weekend, Lola and I are lake bound. 
Lola loves fishing at the lake.
5. Buying pineapples for $1 a piece at Kroger this week.  Which begs the question, how many pineapple can one girl eat in a week?
6. In the further future, my favorite weekend of the entire year.  Every Memorial day weekend, me and my best girlfriends (we call ourselves the Ponkies...long story) go on a trip.  Our little getaway is in it's fifth year and we are going to Galveston.  Not the vacation of my dreams, but it doesn't matter where we go, just that we are together.  (Sounds so cheesy, but if you only knew the insanity that is this trip, you would understand!)  Every year, I get nervous that it won't live up to the previous year, but it has yet to disappoint me.  Out of town Rebecca is ready to play!
Last year's ponkie trip to the New Orleans Food & Wine Experience.  New Orleans+Ponkies+3 nights=a week long recovery process.

7. Pulling out and wearing my linen.  I'm trying my hardest to wait until June, the official start of summer, but my white linen pants keep taunting me from the back fo my closet!

8. My skin turning a darker shade.  While I am starting to be much more cautious about exposing myself to the sun and wearing sunscreen, I am just much more confident about myself when tan!  Since I like to be outdoors and am fairly dark complected, turning brown in the summer is inevitable.  And I can't wait!

Hello, tan Rebecca!  I miss you.
9. A challenge I have lined up for myself that I will tell you more about later! Hint: It involves an alarm clock and exercise.

10. The return of the library to my life.  The last few books I have read have been borrowed or bought. (Dang addictive Hunger Games trilogy...I was too impatient to wait for them to come off hold at the library and they cost me $25!)  I'm happily returning to the library, card in hand, to take advantage of one the best, most under utilized resources my tax dollars fund.

What are you looking forward to? Besides the weekend, because we are all looking forward to that!

Any good and healthy pineapple recipes?


  1. Have you tried grilled pineapple? Super simple and very tasty!

    1. No, I haven't tried it, but I will be! I thought about pineapple salsa, which I bet would be even better with grilled pineapple.

  2. I love your positive outlook! And wow- $1 pineapples! I would definitely stock-up! You can put them in smoothies

    1. Good idea. I hadn't even thought of freezing some!

  3. I LOVE the library!!! OMG it makes me so happy!!!