Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. Mint Julep cups

Did you know each state has a different cup?  Thankfully, Louisiana's cups are prettiest! 

source: Southern Living May 2011
The Derby is this weekend, but a mint julep is not reserved for Derby Day alone.  Being that it is my all time favorite drink, I enjoy them all summer.   Here is Garden & Gun's charming article on why a Mint Julep should be enjoyed all the time and their theory on why it isn't, along with a classic recipe.  

2.  Magnolias (of course!)

They are blooming like crazy right now.  I love that even the smallest trees still produce huge flowers.

3. That the weekend is almost here!

Saturday is Drinko Cinco de Mayo AND Derby Day!  Sombrero or Derby hat?  Julep or margarita?  Only time will reveal my winners.

4. My new, extra job.

It's easy and fun, and the extra "mad" money is great, too.  The best part is my bosses are my friends and I get to visit with them on a daily basis.  Our patrons are so friendly.  Since my "real" 9 to 5 (actually 8 to 4:30) job is isolating (I sit in my office  Occasionally, I get out for a rare meeting.), it's a great social outlet.

The only con is I have much less free time. I'm still working on getting into a workout and eating routine on the days I work from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  I missed my last two scheduled morning workouts after getting to bed entirely too late Monday night. (I think I was still catching up on sleep last night and slept right through my 5:00 AM alarm.)

5. Smoothies and eggs (not together!)

The plan was to food prep Sunday, so I would have some things to eat during the week, but that didn't happen.  Smoothies and eggs are quick, healthy options and have been my go to while working all these long hours.  Also, you can add veggies and fruit to ensure you're getting 5 servings a day.  For example, yesterday for breakfast I had an egg scramble with broccoli slaw (10 minutes to cook.).  Lunch was sauteed cabbage topped with eggs sunny side up (10 minute cook time).  Dinner was a smoothie with whey protein, strawberries, coconut, pineapple, spinach, and coconut milk (3 minute prep time?). 

6. CrossFit

I haven't been all week.  I miss it. So much so, that I considered calling into work today so I could make it to a class.  :(  Tomorrow! I hope the WOD is killer!

7. Sundresses (aka my summer uniform)

I love a sundress because it is appropriate for work, play, church, and really anything else.  You can dress them up or down.  Flats, wedges, or heels. They are possibly the coolest option on humid, sweltering, Louisiana summer days and nights.

Here are a few that need to be in my closet.

J. Crew
Lilly Pulitzer
Forever 21
Old Navy

Can you tell I love eyelet?  And that I don't love prints? 

What are you loving? A food?  A workout move? A summer trend?  A good book?  Share with me.

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