Monday, April 30, 2012

3 Reasons I'm Happy on a Monday Morning

Good Monday morning!  I am in a great mood (especially for a Monday) for a few reasons.

First, I had a fun weekend.  Friday after work I went to look at a car my parents found and insisted I see.  I know I had mentioned I was buying my mom's car after all the drama, but they said this particular car would be worth a look.  I drove to Sulphur (about 20 minutes from my house), decided I wanted the car after test driving it, and told the salesman to wash it, change the oil, fill it up with gas and I would take it home.  Well, I shouldn't have been surprised when he told me the oil change and washing would not be happening, because the shop guys went home at 5:00.  But, I could pay for it and either take it home and bring it back to be detailed and maintenanced or leave it until I could come pick it up later.  No thanks.  If it's meant to be, I'll be back to take care of everything at once.  Problem is, I won't be able to get back over there until Thursday. Have I mentioned I hate car shopping?!?  The trip to Sulphur wasn't wasted, because my sister cooked me dinner. After eating a pretty delicious meal of pesto shrimp "spaghetti" (it was spaghetti squash) and steamed brussels sprouts, I headed back to Lake Charles.  A friend had called and asked if I wanted to get drinks.  Of course!  So we headed to Micci's and sat on the patio since the weather was nice.  We talked about everything you could ever imagine from boys to literature to finances to music.  When we went inside to pay our tabs and leave, I noticed a huge, gorgeous magnolia someone had picked and put in a vase on the bar.  Magnolias are blooming like crazy right now!

Saturday morning I woke up early and packed Lola and my bags.  I wanted to get an early start on our trip to the lake, but I got sucked into watching recaps of the CrossFit games Regionals.  We finally got on the road and reached Toledo Bend at about 11:00. 

It was a short trip and we headed back Sunday morning.  I arrived home at 11:00, and the day consisted of more CrossFit Regionals updates, laundry, other things around the house, watching Tough Love and Real Housewives of New Jersey, reading and bed.

The second reason I'm in a great mood is because CrossFit Lake Charles represented at the CrossFit Games Regionals: South Central in the biggest way possible.  I had absolutely nothing to do with their success, but am so proud that I work out beside and am coached by these athletes.  (If you want to know more about what the games, otherwise known as "CrossFit Christmas", are all about, here is a post I wrote about it.)  They went into the games ranked 24 out of 30 qualifying teams and after day one of competition, were in third place!  Who doesn't love an underdog story?  They finished 7th, which is huge when you consider they are competing with gyms from big cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin with bigger pools of elite athletes.

 Unfortunately, I wasn't there to support the team, but I did watch "event summaries" on the Games website, which was basically a highlight reel of each workout.  When I would see our team on the video, I would get so excited and yell at the computer, even though they couldn't hear me and the things going on onscreen had happened hours earlier.  Next year, I want to be there in person!

source - the team workouts

Thank you Ashley, Megan, Danielle, Detlef, Ben, and Mitch for working so hard and making us all so proud to be a part of CrossFit Lake Charles.  Here is an article that was written about the team. And here are some pictures posted to the Facebook page of CrossFit Games - South Central Regional.
CFLC team during workout 1.

Danielle during workout 3 snatching 70#.  To show you what a beast she is (besides what is obvious by looking at her body!), I one arm snatch 15#...and struggle.
This is my favorite photo from regionals! Mitch cheering on his wife during workout 3.  It was a 2 man workout (actually, 1 man and 1 woman) and they completed it for the team.  A couple that competes in CrossFit games together, stays together.

Ashley working overhead squats during workout 4.

Detlef doing wall balls while Mitch chin hangs during workout 6.

Detlef doing muscle ups while Mitch holds 225# (and Ashley cheering them on.)
Team hug after the last workout!
The third reason I'm in such a great mood is because I woke up early and ran before work.  Why have I been fighting this?  I love early morning runs.  I love being awake before the rest of the world.  I love feeling like I've already been productive by 7:00 AM.  Since I now have to exercise before work Monday through Wednesday, my week of workouts looks like this:

Monday: morning 3 mile run + tabata workout (My start was later than intended.)
Tuesday: 5:30 AM CrossFit
Wednesday: morning 3 mile run + tabata workout (push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges)
Thursday: 5:30 AM CrossFit (might as well make early mornings a habit!)
Friday: 5:30 PM CrossFit
Saturday: 9:30 AM CrossFit or bleacher workout on my own
Sunday: run or bleacher workout on my own

I have a beach trip planned for Memorial Day weekend (26 days away) and in my current body state, will have to wear a moo-moo rather than a swim suit.  So, for the next 26 days I'm going to work hard, eat clean and Paleo-ish, and limit my cheats.  (I think I make this statement every week.)

Sorry for such a long post (I probably should have made it 3 posts), I'm just so excited and wanted to share!

How is your Monday morning?  What exciting happened to you this weekend?


  1. I am always impressed with anyone who can do an early morning workout! I am horrible at this - the snooze button is my worst enemy. And I am always so amazed with the women competing at the CrossFit games. Their bodies are insane.

    1. The snooze button got me this morning.:( I stayed up very late baking for a fundraiser becuase I have trouble saying "no" to people, which led to cookie dough consumption and skipping CrossFit this morning.

  2. I go through phases where I'll do early morning workouts consistently for a month or two, then work gets crazy, then I have to switch to evenings. And then work gets busier and I give right now, squeezing in workouts every 2-4 days.

    What happened this weekend? I worked. A lot. Had lunch at Chipotle (thanks to my fave mentee!) on Saturday, had a great brunch with my best girlfriends, did more work.

    Glad you had a good weekend!

    1. A weekend with brunch and chipotle is a good weekend!

  3. love those calming pictures of the water!