Friday, June 1, 2012

3 Little Things

1. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I picked up some cherries on sale for $1.50 a pound.  Usually, I steer clear of cherries because they are pretty pricey.  After checking out and putting my grocery haul in my car, I, like I always do, pulled out my receipt and went over it.  They charged me $4.99 per pound for the cherries!  The bag of little red gems should have cost me a little under $3, but cost me a little over $9. 

Last shopping trip, I went to customer service because they overcharged me $0.49 per pound for zucchini, and they refunded me $3.  Yesterday, they overcharged me $7 and I let it go.  I don't know my rationale behind this.  Maybe I was just too tired to fight about it.  Grocery store: 1  Rebecca: 0.

2.  This WOD!  During round 3, I got really dizzy and light headed.  I felt like my blood pressure was bottoming out and had to go squat in front of the fan for a few minutes.  Needless to say my time sucked.  My head/sinuses/ears are always a little congested in the morning.  They were worse yesterday, and since it was only 5:30 AM, they hadn't had time to drain and clear out before my workout.  It must have been that coupled with the heat and humidity, oh, and the fact that I hadn't been to CrossFit in a week and a half.  I felt funny for the rest of the day (and therefore skipped Party by the Pool).  

3.  I miss running.  Specifically, I miss long Saturday morning runs.  My plan is to run a half in October with my best friend/mother of my godchild, Kristi, so official training will start in July.  The heat is already brutal.  I must acclimate.  And I must get a training plan together.

Do you watch prices at the grocery store to make sure they ring up correctly?  Usually, I watch as they are scanned and correct the checker right away.  Yesterday, she scanned all my items, then my Kroger card, so I couldn't tell if prices were accurate.  Lesson learned.  Each shopping trip, there is at least one item mispriced.
Have you ever passed out or vomited during a workout?  I felt close to doing both yesterday.  I actually have puked during a workout before.  I'm not's a little hardcore!
How hot is too hot to run outdoors?  I know summer is "running season" for a lot of Northerners, but November to March is running season for us. Here, it will be high 90's with 75% humidity by late July.

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