Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hi blog readers.  I've missed you!  I'll be honest, I didn't think about you once over the long weekend.  My mind was on one thing and one thing only, having fun.  And that I did!

Last week was rough on the workout front because of my toe (I only got 1 tabata workout in at home), but it is healed!  Well, healed-ish.  It doesn't hurt anymore, so I can put on shoes and get back to the box and the pavement, but it is now purple and really gross.  I call it "monster toe".

The trip this weekend left me exhausted (I probably slept an average of 4-5 hours per night while I was there), so I've skipped all my morning workouts in lieu of sleep.  Since afternoon workouts aren't an option Monday through Wednesday, that means no workouts for a whole week! No bueno. 

Also, on the nutrition front, I've been a bad, bad girl.  If beer was good for you, I'd be the healthiest girl in the world after my weekend.  While beer has it's health benefits, I think it's best in moderation, not marathon day drinking turned all night drinking.

I'm determined to get my life back in "order" by the weekend.  This means grocery shopping, library for new books, exercising, unpacking my bags and doing laundry (Don't judge me for not unpacking yet!), and cutting my jungle yard.

Now that you know where I've been and what I haven't been doing, on to What I'm Loving Wednesday:

1. 4 day workweeks.  Can you believe it's already Wednesday?!  And I'm considering taking off Friday to get my life together. (see above) 

2. Aloe vera gel and after sun lotion.  I overdid my sun time this weekend.  Twice a day I have been rubbing myself down with these, praying that I don't start peeling. 



3. Party by the Pool starts tomorrow night!  Actually, it kicked off last week with Bret Michaels, but this week will be my first of the season.  (Okay, you caught me.  This is the real reason I want to take off work Friday.)
My must sees: Ashes of Babylon (a local reggae band - look them up; they are awesome!), Gavin Degraw & Andy Grammer, DJ Pauley D (YES!!!), Better Than Ezra.  

4. Great friends who are as silly and ridiculous as myself.  I had so much fun this weekend telling lies to strangers about our lives. Others would probably call our shenanigans bizarre or weird, but for us they are just silly fun and great laughs.

I know y'all have seen this picture a thousand times, but it's one of the few decent pictures of me and my besties!

5. Grocery store sale papers.  They come out on Wednesday, which becomes grocery list making day.

6. American soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom.  I'm not a sappy girl, and there isn't much that makes me cry, but when it comes to the military, I get so emotional.  I don't think there is anything more noble a person can do than serve his or her country.  We get wrapped up in Memorial day being about the start of summer, pool parties, a day off work, barbecues, and the kick off of official linen wearing season but we wouldn't be able to do those things if it weren't for all the soldiers who gave their lives defending this country and those that still fight to defend her.

7. Dry shampoo.  Why am I just discovering this?  This morning it took my flat, day old hair to full, fresh, looks like I just washed and blow dried it hair in 5 minutes! 


What are you loving? 
Have you ever used dry shampoo? 
Who would you want to see out of the Party by the Pool lineup?


  1. I tried a dry shampoo from Sephora but didn't love it, but I'm willing to try other brands - so I'm glad you like this one, I'll give it a shot!

    1. I've noticed a lot of drug store brands are now making dry shampoos. This is the only one I've tried so far.

  2. I do love looking through all the sales before the weekend comes!

  3. my happy day is when the grocery stores release their sales :)
    I have yet to try out dry shampoo but it sounds like a life savor

  4. Note to self: Buy dry shampoo! Glad you had a fun weekend!