Monday, October 17, 2011

Mental Monday

You know it's Monday when you are in the bathroom at work peeing and you realize your panties are on inside out....


I am taking a mental Monday off from blogging.

In the meantime, if you love beer, love infectious disease, and love Louisiana history, here is an interesting article to read. 

Oh.  I'm the only person that loves all of those things.

Well everyone else, read it anyway.  It provides another excuse to drink beer.  Prevention of Pellegra.

***scroll down to page 3 of the newsletter to get to the article

Are you having a mental Monday?


  1. Basically, yes I totally had a mental Monday. I was bummed out that my mom left & I skipped a class and went for a run instead, and then laid in bed eating leftover food my mom made me :)

  2. At least you were productive while you skipped class! :)