Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bad Workouts...They Happen

This morning I headed to CrossFit for the 5:30 AM class.  I was not tired, hungry, excited, happy, nor filled with dread.  I was just going through the motions to get to the gym on time. 

The warm up started with an 800 m run with 15 squats at all 8 corners.  Upon the first set of squats, I realized it was going to be a rough morning.  My body did not want to cooperate and 15 air squats felt difficult.  I hoped the warm up would loosen me up and get my blood pumping so I could rock this WOD. 

Well, it didn't. I loaded my bar with 115# for the back squats.  This was not unreasonable since my one rep max is 155#.  At squat number 7, I had to drop the bar.  At squat number 9, I dumped two 10# plates and finished out the squats with 95# unbroken.  (So much for my plan to lift heavy.)

The toes-to-bar (or knees to elbows in my case) went fairly quickly, for me anyway.  Then came the KBS, for which I used 35#.  My plan was three sets of 20 with a tiny rest between sets.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  It was more like 20-15-10-10-5.  I timed out at 12:00, but finished the workout anyway at 12:48ish. 

I left not feeling my usual post gym glow, but feeling sullen and bitter about my workout.  Why wouldn't my body cooperate?  Sure, I ate a lot of crap this weekend, but yesterday I jammed myself full of water and veggies!  Sure, my right hip and glute are a little tight, but I'm coming off a 2 day rest!  Sure, it was 5:30 AM and I was a little sleepy, but I went to bed early(ish) and usually dominate morning workouts!

All I can chalk it up to is an "off" day.  During half marathon training, I learned that sometimes you just have bad runs.  One day an 8 mile run can feel easy, and the next day, 3 miles feels like hell.  Which ones will be bad and which ones will be good is unpredictable.   You can feel great and excited, the weather be perfect, and have an awesome new playlist, but realize half a mile in the run is going to suck.

I can't say I've had "off days" as frequently at CrossFit as I do on runs.  Some days I'm just not into it, but usually I can push through. (I think it has something to do with the group aspect/competitive nature of CrossFit.)  While I'm disappointed in this mornings workout, it's done and in the past.  All I can do is eat right, drink lots of water, stretch and foam roll, and get more sleep hoping my next WOD goes better.  

Of course I Googled "bad workouts".  I am obviously not alone in having an occasional "off" day.  Here are some links I found encouraging/interesting:

Having Bad Days in the Gym?  Break the Cycle! by CrossFit Invictus

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Do you ever have "off" days at the gym?  How do you get over them?

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  1. oh I definitely have "off" days- I always figure that even if I'm not feeling my greatest, I still end the workout feeing better than when I started and that makes it all worth it!