Monday, March 4, 2013

A Scheduling Dilemma

If it doesn't get written down, it's likely I will forget about it.  

Monday mornings, I go through my day planner, look at the week ahead, and make a to do list. 

Sorry! This picture would not cooperate and rotate 180!

This week, I realized I have plans Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights.  So how am I going to squeeze in CrossFit?

At my current job, on Mondays and Wednesday, Zumba is offered at lunch and on Tuesdays and Thursdays a "CrossFit style" bootcamp is offered.  (These workouts are led by coworkers who take their time to plan and lead the group.  I think it's such an awesome thing for a company to encourage.) 

Since Zumba is straight up cardio, I try to make it to CrossFit on those evenings.  Bootcamp is tough and doesn't leave me with enough energy to tackle a WOD at CFLC.  

My dilemma is that I'm a little compulsive and want my week of workouts written down, but the CrossFit Games Open begins Wednesday, and I'm not sure if we will do the WOD as a box on Wednesday or Thursday.  And if we do it Wednesday, should I skip Zumba to save my energy?  Or since I have plans, do I push the open WOD back to Thursday and not complete it with the rest of the box?  But in that case, I'll have to skip lunch boot camp.  And would I still WOD on Wednesday or skip it because I have plans, did zumba at lunch, and don't want to be sore for the open WOD? If the weather is nice Friday, I may prefer to squeeze in a run after work, but if it's an awesome WOD, I won't want to miss it.  And on Saturday a coworker is teaching Zumba at a local studio and gave me free passes, but if I'm not too sore, I may prefer CrossFit.  Or if it's pretty and I didn't run Friday, I may prefer to run.  And Sunday I'd like to run.  But it may be my 7th day in a row to workout. But does it matter if I feel rested?

Not having a set plan is obviously making me neurotic, but I'm going to have to go with the flow this week. 

Zumba did happen today, followed by a little ab action.  A group of us stayed after class and did a 2 minute plank (!!!!), 100 sit ups, and 25 push ups.  

Also happened today, this gem came in the mail.


My original docking station finally bit the dust after about an 8 year run.  Since the warranty was up, Bose gave me the option of having it fixed for $100 or upgrading to the newer, portable model with auxiliary connection for $180 (retail value is over$400).  Upgrade it is!  It's awesome that Bose gives you this options, especially since they don't have to do squat diddly after the warranty is expired. 

Nice little prize to brighten up my Monday!

Do you schedule your workouts?  How do you deal if you get off schedule?

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