Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

How is it only Wednesday?  Last weekend feels like years ago. 

1. Instagram.  

Just recently (January), my life was changed by the acquisition of an iPhone, which is why I'm so late onto the Instagram bandwagon.  It's like Facebook, but better, because you don't have to hear everyone's political rants!  (follow me @beccaardoin)

2.   My busy spring schedule.

There is so much fun stuff coming up locally!  Actually, I had to turn down invites to the Women's Final Four in New Orleans and the Zurich Open/first weekend of Jazz Fest in New Orleans because I have stuff going on both weekends.   2013 CrossFit Games South Central Regionals in San Antonio also falls on a weekend I have plans.  That's the one that breaks my heart!  I wish more than anything that I could be two places at once so I could cheer on all the competitors from CFLC that I know will be there.

3.  Zumba!

It's like going to the club on my lunch break!  So much fun and such a release in the middle of a hectic work day.  It, like our boot camp, is led by employees using their own time.  They are all certified and awesome.  While I do work up a sweat, it isn't quite intense enough for me to call my work out of the day.  I usually hit CrossFit after work on Zumba days.

4. Bacon

Loathing used to fill my body as the smell of bacon filled my nose, but somehow, someway I have seen the light.  I am now bacon obsessed! The last piece of bacon in the house was fried up and gobbled down Monday and I have been longing for some salty, fatty, delicious pig belly ever since.  Good thing it's Paleo!

5.  These tanks.
source!  Someone buy them for me. :)

What are you loving today?
Bacon...Love it or leave it?
Are you on instagram?  Leave me your username so I can follow you.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of bacon. I'll eat it but never go out of my way to have some.

    Where's those cupcakes from in the first photo?

    My IG name is @acajunbelle. I requested to follow you!

    1. The cupcakes are from Pronia's in Lake Charles. It's an Italian deli and bakery. They have the best cupcakes in the city and the best mufalettas outside of New Orleans!

  2. Thanks! I'll be in Lake Charles this weekend...I'll definitely have to try Pronia's

    1. Yes m'am! I think they close pretty early on Saturdays. Maybe 2 or 3?