Monday, August 15, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake...Pound Cake, But No Wedding Cake

My weekend in review:

Friday -
Weigh in day.  In the midst of my big move, I skipped weighing in last Friday.  So I'm down 6 lbs over 2 weeks.  I'm happy with this!

Bleacher Club after work.  Working out at 4:30 PM in August in Southern Louisiana is just stupid!

Then, cake & cocktails for my dearest Seth's 25th birthday!  Scotch, pound cake, and KD's...I can't think of 3 things more appropriate to celebrate his birthday.

I baked for the first time in my new kitchen! It was also my first time to make pound was very dry.:(  But the homemade whipped cream helped! I could have just eaten a big bowl of the whipped cream. Okay, I confess, I did eat just the whipped cream when I licked a heaping spatula full after whipping it up.

Friday night was my first night to sleep in the new house!  I was a tad bit scared to stay there by myself...big ol' house for little ol' me. But I was very tired, so I slept great. I think the scotch helped.

Saturday -
More moving and unpacking. The most important things I own (besides Lola), my clothes and shoes, were still at my sister's house.  I am happy to say that they are now close to me, where they belong.  My sister was sad to see my shoe collection go.

Don't worry.  The room isn't staying this color...I'm not done painting. *Sigh*

Two of my very good friends from my college years married each other Saturday night. I like to take credit for setting them up, although I am sure they would have ended up together anyway.  You can't fight fate and these two were made for each other!  Regardless, they have to name their first born after me. It was so much fun to see and catch up with so many old friends.

I wasn't going to eat the wedding food, but I was starved and didn't want to drink on an empty stomach.  So, I loaded my plate with veggies from the vegetable table, a few cubes of cheese, a piece of ham, and a little spinach and artichoke dip. While this isn't a healthy meal by any means, I feel like I made healthier choices.  I skipped the fettucine, chicken strips, croissants, and cake. Skipping the wedding cake was hard, but I had dry pound cake with gobs of whipped cream the night before; I knew going in that cake couldn't be an option.

Sunday -
I discovered something that is sure to be the downfall of me: Jeff's (my roommate/landlord) couch.  I've been so busy at the new house, I hadn't even sat down on the couch yet! After fixing my cup of coffee, I hooked the antenna up to the tv and sat down to see how many channels we could catch. (The answer is 5, by the way.) I didn't get up for about 3 hours!  It wasn't that Sunday morning local programming is that entertaining, it was that the couch is that comfortable and I could not get up.

I finally peeled away from the couch, made a spinach & eggwhite omelet for lunch, and ran to Lowes to get some things for my dresser makeover.  (Pictures to come as soon as I finish).  I worked on this project in the blazing heat for a while, then the rain came. Rain was the perfect excuse for me to go back to my precious, the couch.

Seth came over late  in the evening for a short run.  Dang, he is fast!  We only ran a little over a mile, but I was huffing and puffing trying to keep up! 

Hopefully this week I will get back into a routine.  Moving is pretty much done, so no excuses to miss workouts!

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