Wednesday, August 3, 2011

These are My Confessions...

Confessions of a Shopaholic
I have a little problem....I shop online WAY too much.  Usually, I just browse for hours on end and never buy, but lately, I have made some ecclectic purchases.  Last week, I bought a foam roller. (I promise to post a review/evaluation of this product soon.) This week, I bought a cookbook and a new name tag for Lola. 

I love cookbooks, especially Junior League cookbooks.  They are always full of delicious, home cooking recipes.  My favorite cookbook of all time is "Pirates Pantry" from the Junior League of Lake Charles. Yesterday, via, I ordered "River Road Recipes III: A Healthy Collection" from the Junior League of Baton Rouge.  Since I bought used, it only cost me $6, shipping included!


I also ordered Lola a new ID tag.  She lost hers and I wanted to make sure she had a new one before we move. I found the most adorable tags on and they were cheaper than the ones at PetsMart!  I chose a pink round tag.

Fleur De Lis Custom Pet ID Tag
Don't call this number expecting to reach me...This was the example photo on the site; it's just coincidence they have the name "Lola".
Confessions of an Exercise Junkie
Yesterday was a CrossFit day, running, thrusters, & pullups.  I used a 45# bar for my thrusters and a blue & green band for my pull ups.  I finished in 26:26.  It was 3:30 PM and the runs were scorching hot! Including the warmup, it was another over 500 calorie day. I hope to do this workout again when it is cooler outside to see the difference in times and calories burned.

Confessions of a Book Nerd
My long lost book club was revived last night!  We met and munched and decided on a new book to read, "A Stolen Life:A Memoir" by Jaycee Dugard. 

A Stolen Life: A Memoir

Everyone made delicious treats. Stephanie made apple dip, with caramel, cream cheese, heath bits, and chocolate chips.

Andrea made chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

I wanted to bring a healthy snack.  Originally, I was going to make this basil hummus from Daily Garnish, but when I went to my old house/my sister's house to pick some basil, it was all withered and sad looking.  She obviously has been neglecting my poor basil (I hope she reads this and feels guilty!).  Luckily, I had some pesto frozen, so I put a couple of tablespoons in the food processor with my chickpeas and tahini to make a pesto hummus.  I chopped up some garden fresh veggies, threw it all on this adorable serving tray gifted to me by Seth, and voila!

I was a good girl and didn't indulge  in any sweets except a few slices of apple.  After snacks and lots of chit chat, we had french pressed coffee out of antique tea cups.  


Aren't we just a fancy bunch of ladies?!? No coffee for Steph and Isabel.

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  1. Love that spread!! We were going to read that book too but someone vetoed it. Let me know how it is!