Thursday, December 8, 2011


With all the half marathon excitement, I forgot to evaluate my November goals and set new goals for December!

November report card:

- Post at least one recipe a week on the blog.  C  75%  I posted this, this, and this.  3 out of 4.  Okay, so only 1 was kind of original, the others were links to recipes I made.  So, C-. 

- Continue to follow my half marathon training plan so that I am physically and mentally prepared for the race on December 3rd.  A+  I did it!  Although it was physically and mentally challeging, I kicked that half marathon's butt!

- Complete 90% of my Christmas shopping, decoration, and wrapping.  F+  Epic fail.  I still have yet to buy or craft the first present. :( I'm so over Christmas.  Bah Humbug!

The Grinch
- Stick to my budget! Eh...C?  The good news: I got a raise!  So I will have a teensy, tiny bit more of wiggle room in my budget.

I spent the grocery money on shoes again
- Cross train 3 times a week.  D.  I have dropped down to 2 days a week.  And last week only 1, and the week of Thanksgiving only 1.  Gotta get back on track so I don't gain any holiday weight!

What a disgraceful report card! An A, 2 C's, a D, and an F.  This would land me on academic probation.

December goals:

-run 4 days a week, including one long run (>8 miles) and one speed run.  Instead of starting from scratch for my planned March half marathon, I want to keep up my current training.  I also want to get faster.  Instead of 3 runs a week, I want to up it to 4 so I can get some shorter, faster runs in.

-cross train 2 days a week, and increase weights to really push myself.

-eat super clean on a daily basis, so I can splurge for holiday events. I'm not going to lie to myself or to you and say that I won't touch delicious treats floating around this time of year.  (Not to mention the boozing that is guarenteed to take place!) It's inevitable, so I will just be good when it's easier to be good, like during the work week when I'm home alone.


-have a more positive attitude about the holidays and my birthday. I'll try not to have a blue Christmas, but for some reason this time of year really depresses me.  Not to mention the fact that I'm turning 27.  That number makes me sick to my stomach.  I typed it, got nauseous, deleted it, typed it, and sighed. Where have the past 5 years gone?

Do you have any goals for December?