Saturday, January 21, 2012

Argentinian Wine & Louisiana Beer

Hokus Pokus Friday night tastings are kind of becoming a ritual.

This week was Argentinian malbecs and torrontes.  You can see a full write up about each wine as well as a little history on Argentinian wines here.

Here is my personal opinion of each wine.

Los Cowboys Torrontes 2010  The fruit in this one made it much too sweet for my taste.

Los Cowboys Malbec 2010  Flat and bodiless.

Jelu Torrontes 2010  After the first torrontes, I assumed I didn't like the grape.  This one proved me wrong.  It was dry and crisp and very good.

Jelu Malbec 2009  Much more round and flavorfull than the Los Cowboys malbec.  Still not as enjoyable as a good cab.

Familia Mayol Malbec 2009  My favorite malbec of the night. 

Familia Barberis Malbec 2007  It had a slightly wierd powdery after taste.  Did not like at all.

These wines were priced very well and I might have considered buying the Jelu torrontes or the Familia Mayol malbec if I thought I would drink it anytime soon, but I just haven't been in a wine mood lately.

After the tasting, another developing tradition is buying a single beer to try.  Last time I sampled the chipotle beer and this week I opted for Wells Banana Bread beer.

It was yeasty and banana-y, just like banana bread!  At first it was a little strange; I wasn't in feeling beer and wanted it to taste like a banana daquiri.  It comes in a HUGE bottle, so I thought I would end up wasting half, but the more I drank, the more I liked it.  There wasn't a drop left!

My friend decided to go local and tried the microbrew Dixie Beer from New Orleans. (It was founded in 1907.  Why have I never heard of it?!?!)

It tasted like a good ol' regular microbrew.  It was very flavorful compared to my normal light beer.  I am in love with the old school label!

Thanks, again, Hokus Pokus.  I have plans next Friday, but I'll see you in 2 weeks!

What is your favorite microbrew?  If your not a beer person, what is your drink of choice?

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