Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I ____________ Wednesday, Volume 17

What I Did on My 11 Days Off Wednesday

Friday, Dec 23 - For the life of me, I cannot remember how  I spent this day of my existence!  But I know it was not spent at work.

Sat, Dec 24 - Ran a virtual 10k, ate seafood gumbo, drank hot toddies, and visitied family.

my route

Sun, Dec 25 - went to church, drank more toddies, ate lunch, recieved lots of gifts from Santa, laid around, and finally returned to my own home after spending over 24 hours at my parent's house.  My bestie and his new pup came over and we drank champagne and karaoked to Dolly Parton's Hard Candy Christmas.

Chritmas goodies

Mon, Dec 26 - kicked off sugar free January and stayed on the couch  Damn champagne.

Tues, Dec 27 - two a days!  ran a 5k and did this WOD, which left me sore for days.

Wed, Dec 28 - shopped in Houston.  Shopping is cardio, right?!?

Thurs, Dec 29 - lunched with a friend, grocery shopped, did this WOD, and had drinks at a couple of bars with some friends.

Fri, Dec 30 - undecorated for Christmas and cleaned house.  Then, another (see others here and here) Hokus Pokus tasting!  This time, champagne!  Technically, it was sparkling wines.  I learned I like sweet sparkling wines, but dry regular, non-sparkling wines.

I also tried this beer.

 Very interesting.  In the words of my friend, "It's like drinking a meal."  I expected a kick of spice, but no, just chipotle flavor.  Not bad, not good, just interesting.

We followed the tasting with more drinks at a friends house, then a couple of bars.

Sat, Dec 31 - rested up for NYE, which I spent at a party with friends and lots of drinks.  (FYI we missed midnight! :(  I looked down at my watch and it was 12:15!) 

Sun, Jan 1 - Woke up still in my party hat.  Ughhh.  Because I'm a little bit of a lush and serious shopping addict, my hungover butt crawled into Dillards because they were having a MEGA sale.  I almost puked on a few people, but I scored some really awesome deals on Christmas decorations, shoes, and a food warmer. 

Then, I went to some friends' house for the Saints game and a delicious much needed meal of cabbage and black eyed peas. 

I had the same meal for dinner at my mom and dad's house plus some coconut cream pie that made breaking "sugar free January" totally worth it!

Mon, Jan 2 - Mini road trip to my grandma's house to have Christmas with that side of the family.  So more gifts and more food.

It was back to work on Tuesday.

***Sorry for my lack of pictures.  Still no camera.

Did your holiday include more booze than normal? 
Looking back, I drank 5 out of 11 days.  While I'm not shy about having a beer, that is wayyyy more than normal.

What is the most interesting beer you have ever tried?
2 different people have told me about a banana bread beer I'm jonesing to try!