Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Almonds Saved My Life

Monday was, well, a "Monday." 

After being at work about 10 minutes, our internet went down.  Since EVERYTHING is on shared drives, I was basically at a standstill. So, I called my boss to see if it would be okay if I ran an errand, and she obliged.

My valve stem/tire pressure monitor and new tire were both in, so rather than waste my afternoon at Sam's, I figured I would take leave from not working and get it done.

My breakfast wasn't all that hardy (a chocolate and coconut butter green monster).  Since I wasn't in my normal routine, a morning snack slipped my mind.  From 10 AM to 12 PM, I was at Sam's, aka the land of excess.  My stomach was growling and I contemplated buying 26 Clif bars just so I could have 1.  Then, I remembered.  Almonds!  In a ziploc in my purse!  Score!  Vapors avoided.

For lunch, I had a salad of spring mix, boiled egg whites, and white beans.  Random, but I didn't want to buy lunch, didn't have anything cooked, and was in a hurry to get back to work.  It was filling enough, or so I thought.

The afternoon at work was hectic.  We had a retirement party for a colleague (with cake and punch, with I skipped, thankyouverymuch.), I had to watch the front desk because our secretary was out, and my stack of work piled up while the internet was down.  An afternoon snack wasn't even a thought.  While watching the front desk, a woman came in and said someone parked outside had a flat tire.  Doh!  I knew it was me immediately.

It was too flat to drive on. :(  So I called Sam's and chewed them out and told them I was on my way as soon as I put on my spare.  Then, called my dad aka my knight in shining armor, who drove over 20 miles to come change my tire for me. :)  I love him! Don't think I was playing damsel in distress; I called to see if he was still in Lake Charles, and when he said he wasn't, I tried my best to convince him I could change it myself. But he wouldn't have it.  I did lower and free my spare all by myself, which rubbed black tire nasties all over my hands.  "Good," I thought, "Those jerks who screwed up my tire will think this poor helpless girl in heels had to change that tire all by herself!"

Needless to say, I spent another hour at Sam's.  And I was famished again.  As I sat at a set of cast aluminum patio furniture, fairly priced at $1400, and stared up at the end aisle display of Clif bars, also fairly priced at $18 for a box of 26, my stomach growling and my anger growing, I remembered my almonds!  Luckily, I hadn't eaten them all earlier in the day.  11 little almonds.  Not only did they, once again, save me from the vapors, they saved those boys in the tire department from lots of hangry ranting!  (Come to find out, they did not put the valve stem on correctly and it caused the tire to lose all of its air.) 

Moral of the story: For your sake and the sake of others, keep snacks in your purse at all times.

Do you carry snacks?


  1. Ahh. Now I feel like I should carry snacks. My desk drawer at work is FULL of snacks, but I never carry them with me!

    1. You should! I'm that girl that always has her life in her purse. My friends know to come to me if they need a band aid, ibuprofen, a tide pen, a safety pin, or anything else under the sun.

  2. I would be SO angry! Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but their mistake was rather dangerous! I always carry snacks with me because I know I often end up being out for much longer than expected. Almonds are perfect since they are filling and healthy.

    1. I was REALLY mad! Especially since by the time I got everything straightened out, it was dark and I missed my afternoon run! Almonds also don't go bad, so they can stay in your purse for-ev-er!