Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Sunday

Sunday was a great and relaxing day, which is how Sundays should be!

There was one minor snafu: I almost passed out in church.  Somewhere between the "peace be with you's" and communion I started getting tunnel vision, really dizzy, broke out in a cold sweat, and my ears felt like they were going to explode.  The song book was used to fan myself as I sat while eveyone else stood.  So embarassing!  But very Gone With the Wind.  I kept thinking of the term "vapors", as in "I got the vapors!”

The moment passed and I recovered.  I think my vapors may have been brought on by head congestion and lack of coffee, so I took sudafed and drank coffee when I returned to my parents' house. (which explains why I didn't sleep well last night!)

When I saw ribeyes sitting out, intended to be our lunch, I was thrilled!  On my way to my parents' I thought, "I hope we are having red meat." I've been craving it and rarely cook it myself.   I considered making a ribeye salad, but instead had steak, a baked potato with full fat sour cream and cheese, 2 rolls, and a side salad.  Oh and a rice crispy treat with another cup of coffee for dessert. (Oops! My 3rd cheat on sugar free January.)  I don't regret indulging one bit....sorry I'm not sorry. 

After lunch, while my sister and mom played Family Feud on the Wii, I spent the afternoon reading the latest issues of my two favorite magazines, Southern Living and Garden & Gun.

Favorite article: one about new twists on spinach salads.  I couldn't find the article online, but I did find a few of the recipes.  Check them out here, here, here, and here.

This recipe also caught my eye.   The plum salsa sounds divine!

Favorite article: a New Orleans native wrote about to go cups and flasks.  It made my heart smile!  It's this type of article that makes me LOVE this magazine.

Runner up: Tie between this piece on Lyle Lovett (probably because this A&M alum agrees the Aggies should NOT move to the SEC) and the "50 Best Southern Bars".  I've decided to add every one of these bars to my bucket list!

My garmin actually read over 8 miles.

But the best part of my Sunday was the reinstatement of the long run.  My next half marathon is only a month and a week away, so I need to get serious about training.  8 miles on this humid, windy Sunday afternoon.

Since I'm pretty much bored with every bit of music on my ipod, I listened to a book on tape while running.  It made the almost hour and a half fly by!  This is what I listened to…

Hilarious!  Some of it reminds me of my own dad, which made me laugh out loud while running.  (I’m sure people I passed thought I was insane!) I think the funny short story format is perfect for running.   My next book on tape may be this one…

Max Tucker’s other book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, was ridiculous, oh so funny, and very vulgar/offensive.  But I enjoyed it. 

Any David Sedaris would also be a good choice.

Do you ever listen to books on tape?  What is your perfect Sunday?


  1. YES! Since I've started training for the NO Rock N Roll Half, I started listening to books on tape! Love it!

  2. That Tucker Max book is fab! I lovedddd I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell too.

    1. I read it while at the beach and I have to admit that it made me have a potty mouth. My friends didn't know what had gotten into me, until I started sharing some of his stories! This guy lives a CRAZY life! Did you see the movie? I never got around to it.

  3. nope never listened to books on tape. I like the feeling of flipping the pages and holding a hard copy. There's something super comforting about curling up with a real book in my hands.

    1. I agree, but when running or painting or doing something that occupies my hands and eyes but not my mind, audio books are a great alternative!