Sunday, December 11, 2011

Giddy Grocery Trip and Other Good Things

Great things that have happened lately:

1.  Both Tuesday and Wednesday I arrived home to find packages at my door.

I love mail packages.  Especially when they are prizes I won from giveaways!

Not only did I recieve these oats and this adorable paisley bowl from Tina @ Trading Up Downtown (she also writes over at Carrots 'N' Cake) on Tuesday....

But also this smorgasbord of chips from Kelly @ Foodie Fiasco on Wednesday.

Thanks y'all!

2.  I finally did some Christmas shopping!  I'm a long way from done, but at least I started.  And the gifts are already wrapped and under my tree!

3.  Kroger had an insane sale on produce.  When I returned home and unpacked all my purchases, I was giddy with excitement!

The motherload.  Excuse the bad lighting...almost every bulb in my kitchen is burnt out.  And obviously the martini set was not a purchase on my grocery trip.

-all varieties of pear for $1 per pound. I bought one of each. 

- 6 kiwi for $1

-organic braeburn apples for $1.25 per pound

- roma tomatoes $1 per pound (I haven't bought a tomato since God was a boy because I prefer not to purchase them out of season, but for this price I couldn't pass them up!)

-yellow onions for $0.77 per pound (that is half their normal price!)
-sweet potatoes for $0.49 per pound
-$1 for a bag of 8 poblano peppers and a cucumber from the clearance produce section (I didn't know the cucumber was hiding in there until I got home...bonus prize!)
-$2.99 for 5 pre-made veggie shish-kabobs full off zucchini, squash, red onion, and mushrooms

I already grilled these up with some shrimp.  Yum!
- free bag of salad (I had a coupon)
- $0.79 for a quart of mint chocolate soy milk (it was marked down to $1.34 and I had a $0.55 coupon.  I've been wanting to try this but there was no way I was going to shell out $3 for a quart!)
-Kroger brand now carries frozen brussel sprouts! There frozen veggies are alwasy $1, and I keep broccoli, green beans, pepper mix, and spinach in my freezer at all times.  I'm so happy I can now add brussel sprouts to the stockpile! 

Also on sale: eggplant 10 for $10 and blackberries 10 for $10.  They were out of both, but the sale lasts through Wednesday, so I'm sure I'll be back.

4. My half marathon medal was added to my medal display. :)

5. I reached my 100th post!  This post is actually 103...I completely spaced and didn't even realize this was post 100.

Good things that are happening soon:

1. 8 workdays, then I am off for 11 days! 

2.  McNeese Cowgirls are playing LSU this Friday night.  Since all my friends will be there, it is becoming a sort of birthday party for me.  Basketball and beer at Burton for Becca's Birthday!  (since Burton Collesium is off campus, they are allowed to serve beer at NCAA games!)

3. Cake!  And lots of it!  Mom's birthday is Wednesday, dad's is Sunday, and mine is Monday.  That means german chocolate on Wednesday, yellow cake with pineapple (??) on Sunday, and carrot cake Monday!

Funny Birthday Ecard: May your birthday and Christmas presents not be combined.
I always insist that my birthday presents not be wrapped in Christmas paper!

Look at me...all positive and optimistic!  I'm definitely getting off probabtion in December!

Tell me something good.